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Area to Give

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Widow, Widowers and Orphans Packages

Give to give the least of these a monthly package of things needed. For example: salt, sugar, soap, oil, ect. 


Feed the Widows, 

Widowers and Orphans for a week

Provide a meal once a week with a rice or nsima (staple food), protein and vegetables after teaching them the word of God. 


Corn and Beans for Famine Time

(feeding the vulnerable)

 Provide corn and beans for famine time. February-April are harder times for Malawians as they wait for harvest. Donate to help give physical food and spiritual food during this time.

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Bibles, church materials, and tracks

Give donations so we can buy materials to give to churches after training or sharing the Gospel. 


Car to take the Gospel to the villages

Donate for a truck to help minister in the villages and also to help with farm duties


Support Jeri and Team Members

Donate to Jeri and 2 team members to do full time ministry in Malawi. 


Help Purchase a Jesus Film Unit

Help donate to buy Jesus film equipment to share the Gospel in the unreached areas and to support local churches to reach more people. 


Land to

build on

Donate to help us be able to buy land for living and land to farm on. 


Vehicle repairs and maintenance

Donate to keep the vehicles going. New tires, oil changes and all vehicle repairs. 


special needs: any need we find while ministering

Clothes, medical, food, ect.

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